Friday LOVE


This week has been pretty fun for me. I’ve seen friends, celebrated birthdays, been out for dinner, got back on top of the blog and my freelancing (somehow!). My mum is coming to visit this weekend and we are off to the theatre to see A Chorus Line, which I have never seen. The weather in the UK is also threatening to warm up. We’ve been in double figures this week for the first time this year. No snow is forecast and my sunglasses are in my bag… just in case!

Here are a few things on the internet that have caught my eye this week.

How much time on the internet is too much? They’ve been debating it over on Hello Giggles. Working at home has it’s advantages but also its disadvantages.

I’ve been investigating How to Save Money whilst on a budget. Necessary for me right now.

Want to know the difference between life in your early twenties and life in your late twenties? It’s right here. And it’s so true.

British Backpacker Sarah Groves lost her life last week in a vile attack in Kashmir. The Sun newspaper went around to her parents’ house demanding identification of photos for publication and asking questions with a dictaphone hidden up the reporter’s sleeve. So much for Leveson. This is why her brother Tom started this petition. #justiceforsarah

Can you be friends with an ex? I’m certainly hoping so, with time.

Fancy winning an iPad mini? Check out Sudocrem’s competition here.