All the Emotions

I wrote this a few weeks ago, but at the time this post made my week at the time. And I was already having a pretty HILARIOUS day.

Blog Post Love: It’s Okay to not be Okay.

Every now and then I read a blog post on a new blog that really resonates with me. I pop into into my favourites or maybe link to it in a Friday link round-up but I never really take the time to fully pay attention. That’s is why from now on you will find ‘Blog Post LOVE’ pieces on my blog where I write responses to blog posts that have affected me in some way. First up is ‘It’s ok to not be okay’ from Nicole at Life Less Bullshit.

It's okay not to be ok

When I discovered this blog post on Life Less Bullshit (via Amy’s amazing weekly links!), I found myself screaming ‘Yes!’ at the screen. Why? Because it really is ok to not be ok. Life is really stressful sometimes. I’ve had to undergo a lot of stress at work recently. My love life has hardly been a bed of roses over the past few months, and my family situation can cause me to be emotional at times. Nicole’s post made me see that you sometimes have to experience ALL of the emotions and accept that this is just what life is about. These emotions aren’t all necessarily negative. You could be excited to see someone, relieved that something is over, nervous about starting a new project and worried about a friend. Most of the time, all of these things can happen simultaneously and you need to recognise that and take a breath. Maybe that project is just really stressing you out or your boyfriend just really annoyed you about that one thing. It doesn’t mean that you don’t lead a happy life or that you don’t love your job or him in the long run.

The post is just fabulous. Go and read it.