Friday LOVE

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It’s Friday! Thank heavens for that. Seriously. This week was supposed to be very busy for me. I had plans every night. And unfortunately, they all went out of the window when I woke up on Tuesday with the worst migraine ever. I couldn’t see straight and I had meetings and training sessions to get through. By Tuesday night, I had a full-on cold. Wednesday, I barely left the sofa. Out went dinner with friends, work drinks and a pretty special invitation to the ***LACOSTE L!VE TEE PARTY*** (They sent me over some pics though, if you’re interested). Luckily, apart from a couple of work meetings, I have not a lot planned for today. So I’m catching up on study reading, organising a few things, sorting through emails before heading home for a chilled out weekend. It’s Mother’s Day here in the UK, so I’m going to see my family and maybe fit in lunch with a friend too.

I’m also aware that I have been a terrible blogger, in terms of frequency and consistency, so I am really hoping to get back on top of that too. Incidentally, how do you balance your time?

Here’s a little link love for you all too:

Love this! Size is in the eye of the beholder.

Yes, this happened. Superheroes are not all fictitious.

Quote of the week: “I know it’s hard to write, darling. But it’s harder not to. The only way you’ll find out if you “have it in you” is to get to work and see if you do. The only way to override your “limitations, insecurities, jealousies, and ineptitude” is to produce. You have limitations. You are in some ways inept. This is true of every writer, and it’s especially true of writers who are 26. You will feel insecure and jealous. How much power you give those feelings is entirely up to you.” ( from here )

Jennifer Lawrence is still doing it for me.

EVERYTHING on The Everygirl is making me smile.  Particularly, a tour of Cait’s studio and this inspiring interview with Caitlin  Wilson.