Book Review: The Accidental Mother by Rowan Coleman

Sophie has a great career in event planning, a brilliant social life, a wardrobe full of designers, her own flat in London… and a fear of commitment. So, you can imagine what happens when a social worker turns up at her office and tells her in the conference room that not only has her best friend from school died in an accident, but having drunkenly agreed to be Godmother, now has sole custody of two bereaved little girls. What follows as she makes an attempt to find the girls’ missing father will make you laugh and cry and ultimately smile.

Parts of the writing are a little cheesy. It seems a little ridiculous that EVERY guy she meets is madly in love with her, but Sophie remains very much a likeable character. As a single twenty-something living in London, I can completely identify with Sophie’s first reaction. If someone handed me my friend’s two children (as much as I love them…from a distance) and left me to it, I’d freak too. The little touches of humour in the book really make it, such as her cream sofa getting thrown up on by an over-tired 3 year old, or her having to bathe the kids in Chanel bubbles is pretty funny.

I read this book over the Christmas holidays, curled up on the sofa with hot chocolate and wine (not at the same time!). It’s definitely worth a read.