Patara Restaurant Soho, London


The last weekend of January is not traditionally the most fun. You cannot wait for payday to come and your attempts to be healthy are starting to wear thin. Not to mention, the weather is terrible and it’s quite tempting to stay in and wait for springtime to come. So when my friend suggested that we all get together at one of her mother’s restaurants in central London, we all jumped at the chance to pause our respective dvd players and enjoy good food with good friends. The sun’s probably a long way off anyway.

Patara boasts some of the best food that I have had in a long time. And I’m not just saying that because I know the manager’s daughter. It’s been a while since I’ve been at a table where people are actively sharing each others’ meals and talking almost exclusively about the food on the table. I enjoyed tuna carpaccio followed by sea bass with a red Thai curry sauce, although I also dipped into some of the best lamb that I had ever tasted and absolutely beautiful beef. It was exquisite. The cocktails were fabulous too. I particularly enjoyed the Thai version of a cosmo. Just go now, please.


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I went to Patara in Soho, although there are branches in South Kensington, Knightsbridge and Oxford Circus, as well as international locations in Geneva, Bangkok, Singapore, Beijing and Vienna.