Happy February!


It’s February! Wahey! I had kind of set myself a goal to just make it through January health-wise, money-wise, life-wise, so I’m pretty happy to have made it through.

Here’s what I’ve been doing, reading and loving this week:

  • I loved this piece on Emerald Street a couple of weeks ago. I had been spending a couple of nights in and was quite bored, but I knew that I needed it for my health and sanity after 2 months of a completely packed diary. It’s filling up again now though, and I’m not complaining!
  • I’m determined to bring Book Club back this month. I’m thinking about starting with How Should a Person Be? by Sheila Heti.
  • I have been embracing being alone, inspired by this piece here, that I found on Amy’s blog.
  • I’ve been reading my favourite blogs daily.
  • I went to a fantastic writing workshop, which has inspired me to get fully focused again.
  • I made banana bread (recipe coming soon) and this asian broth again.
  • I bought too many pairs of boots. Exciting though.
  • I went for dinner and drinks with friends.

Have a great month, friends!