Making a house a home


This week has flown by compared to last week. I’ve ramped up my vitamin intake after having Tuesday off work for feeling terribly rundown. Incidentally, I switched from Wellwoman to a regular women’s multivitamin after realising that it was making me dizzy and lightheaded.

After last weekend’s festivities with friends, I’ve spent a lot of time indoors home-making. Snow is here in London and right before it arrived, it was bitterly cold which made me less than enthusiastic about leaving my apartment. However, on Thursday I braved the cold and met up with Samantha of The Fashion Guise for a catch up at Jamon Jamon Bar de Tapas in Camden. So much fun. We’ve got some fun things coming up that I can’t quite tell you about yet, so stay tuned!
As my main plan this week is to Get it Done. My plans this weekend are to stay in, get my flat organised (new cushions above from Next), write (a lot!) and probably do some online shopping. Scratch the ‘probably’ – I just placed a hefty order with Bare Minerals. Oops. Call it part of my new skincare routine.
I finally told you all about Buena Vista in Clapham. I’ve had tapas on my mind a lot this week, I guess.
Right now, I’m sitting with a mug of hot chocolate, contemplating becoming a runner (only contemplating, but Pinterest is inspiring me) and watching a Girls marathon. Did you see my piece on Girls on Yahoo! ?

Anyway, I’d better get back to my sofa… Happy Weekend all!