Book Review: Is it just me? by Miranda Hart

Standing in the train station after a particularly stressful week, I needed a laugh and seeing Miranda’s face looking down at me made me think that this would definitely give me what I needed. A simple laugh and a bit of escapism.


Did it?
Well, there were definitely some laugh-out-loud moments and some not so funny ones, but all in all I would still recommend it. So, in the style of the book I have decided to write a list (Miranda does this a lot).

Five things I loved about this book

1. The fact that there is nothing wrong with dancing around to particularly cheesy songs in your kitchen whilst waiting for the kettle to boil or the toaster to pop. Life is too short.

2. People falling over flat on their face is really funny. Even when you just read about it in a book.

3. This quote: ‘Manicures: Essentially holding hands with a stranger for 45minutes whilst listening to Enya.’ I laughed out loud on a very packed rush-hour London Tube train.

4. Things that seem so huge when you are young appear actually very trivial when you get older. That’s just life.

5. Your life and your career does not have to be one set path. You can start out interested in politics, spend your 20s in office admin and then become a famous TV comedian in your 30s. Miranda did.


Even if you aren’t a big fan of the Miranda sitcom (on BBC in the UK), you will probably still find this book pretty funny. It is not an autobiography. It is more a collection of Miranda’s observations on life told in own humorous style. It would make a great Christmas present. You can test out the first chapter here for free: Is It Just Me? Free First Chapter