Albertine Wine Bar, London


I’m heading to Book Club this evening, which if you remember essentially means ‘wine-and-cheese-talk-about-book-for-5-mins-club’. Occasionally, instead of taking it in turns to host it at each other’s homes, we just meet at an actual wine and cheese bar and go sufficiently wild for a Monday or Wednesday night. A few weeks ago Sophie , one of our members, suggested a little place called Albertine Wine Bar in Shepherd’s Bush, West London. She had been there for a few drinks with friends and fallen for the place. It took the rest of us about five seconds to follow suit.

It’s a really cute place, very Parisian and cosy with lots of dark wood and simple decor. The wine list is pages long and categorised by country of origin. The small menu was delightfully simple in comparison, which was just as well as there was a huge chalkboard on the wall listing all of the cheese available. We ended up with 6 different cheeses ranging from simple chevre to gorgonzola and washed them down with a bottle of white and a bottle of red. This is what Time Out London had to say:

“This gorgeous , unaffected little wine bar… is more suited to the backstreets of Montmartre than the debatable charms of Wood Lane. They don’t make them like this any more”

Time Out Eating Drinking 2006 Imbibe Wine Bar List of the Year Winner 2011

This kind of place (must like Shampers a couple of weeks ago) was made for European rainy evenings. I love hurrying into a place, shaking off the cold, having my coat whisked away from me and sitting down to some great food with great people in a cosy candlelit cafe with plenty of dark wood and gentle chit-chatter in the background. It almost makes me excited for the winter ahead.

“It’s almost painful to recommend Albertine Wine Bar. It’s that good that everyone will want to go once the secret’s out.” editorial review

Albertine Wine Bar
1 Wood Lane
Shepherds Bush
W12 7DP

020 8743 9593