30 Day Shred: Level 3

30 Day Shred Review

I was dreading Level 3.

I mean, I really wanted to complete the programme, but given how difficult Level 2 was, I just couldn’t imagine surviving the next step. When Jillian screams “I want you to feel like you are going to die,” she doesn’t seem to be joking. If I have to hold another squat for longer then I would prefer, I might just start planning the funeral.

However, Day 1 of Level 3 isn’t too bad. It’s not as stressful as Level 2. It’s not easier but it is slower. It’s more about deep moves with big muscle groups as opposed to lots of jumping around. I find myself in another plank position with sweat hitting the mat below me, thinking “My gosh, I quite like this!” As I mentioned in my last post; Masochist. Days 2, 3 and 4 vary in how difficult they according to how much energy I have. I find that in the second circuit, I’m really struggling but determination sets in by circuit 3 – the home stretch.

Tired, but skinny?

I have had a couple of injuries. I have strained my ankle by bouncing around in the living room without shoes on (I know – wear supportive footwear!) so by the time Days 6 and 7 roll around, I am wearing ankle support just to strengthen it. I was pretty determined to finish the 30 days and it wasn’t a big issue. However, a combination of this and my lower back issues have got me into doing the less advanced moves with Anita on the dvd. It doesn’t feel like I’m not working hard though!

Day 8 and I’m hit with a sore throat, Day 9 I’ve lost my voice. Day 10 I am so determined to finish. Taking my measurements and ‘AFTER’ photos really helped. The results blog is coming soon, if you haven’t already seen my results on Twitter and here is an unedited photo above. I blasted through it and celebrated by crashing on the sofa with a cup of tea! Phew.

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