30 Day Shred: Level 1

In an effort to fit in short bursts of daily exercise into my new working-from-home routine, I decided to try out Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. I spoke more about my reasons for choosing this workout here.

30 Day Shred Review

Ok, Day 1. In order to do this workout, I need a gym mat and a set of hand weights. I can’t find mine but I try the workout anyway. It still challenges me and I still ache a remarkable amount the next day. Day 2 feels easier but I’m still sweating buckets. There’s a lovely image for you all. I am trying to work on following the more advanced options. Jillian has two girls behind her following the advanced and the beginner options of each of the moves. Some are easier than others and some make me want to die, but as Jillian says, when it hurts the most is when it’s working. Ouch. On day 4, I have to meet a friend in a different city but I still manage to workout at 8am and jump on a train to meet her by 10. Amazing.
On Day 5 I still can’t find my weights and I think I need to use something so I find two large jars of pasta sauce in the kitchen cupboard. I may look a fool but lifting something is better than nothing. Days 6,7 and 8 fly by (with weights at last!). Even when I’m tired, I can still follow the more basic moves with Anita and get a great workout. One of the best things about this workout is that you can fit it all into 30mins. Get changed, stick dvd on, get mat down, do workout and have a drink and a quick shower. I’m sold. The only thing that does slow me down actually is when my dogs take a liking to my yoga mat! But by Day 10, I feel toned, healthy, lighter and ready to move up to Level 2.

Oh, and guess what? I’ve lost a combined total of 41/4 inches from my waist, thighs, arms and hips. Haven’t really lost any weight but I’ve obviously burned a lot of fat. and quickly. I have already found myself recommending the dvd to everyone and anyone who will listen!

30 Day Shred