Today, statistically, should be CRAP!

It’s official. The second Wednesday in January is statistically the most depressing day of the year. It’s not Christmas anymore – and doesn’t your wallet know it! -, the shops are now filled with Cadbury’s Creme Eggs and various other Easter goodies that not only make you groan in the same way that you did when tinsel appeared in Tesco in September, but also despair because salivating at the sight of shelves and shelves of sweet, sweet chocolate is not wholly conducive to your new fitness regime, which is waning slightly because on Friday night you were so proud of yourself for getting through the week that you went for a curry. And a glass of wine. Ok, maybe two. I certainly did.

My Monday lunchtime Bellinis…
At this point in the month, you are either still going hardcore (very unlikely), have completely given up and hit the leftover Christmas chocolates (well, they couldn’t just SIT there could they?) OR if you are like me, you doing all of the above – in moderation.┬áThis seems to make sense anyway, as any kind of hugely restrictive attitude towards food and exercise will only serve to drive you crazy by the time you reach your second alcohol-free, sugar-free, fun-free weekend of 2012. And if you are one of those saints, raving on about how this detox has made you feel new again and everyone should do a juice cleanse and yoga session, then quite frankly, you can take your holier-than-thou comments and shove them, well, I imagine you-know-where. And that doesn’t mean that I don’t believe that it works for you, because I’m sure that it does, but it certainly doesn’t work for me. Yes, I am watching what I am eating and YES I am actually working out every day following a programme, but if I blabber on about it, then it will become an obsession and a fad and I’ll give it up as soon as I get fed up of listening to myself go on.

At lunch the other day with a friend, I must have mentioned ‘points’ about fifteen times. Apologies to her because I was actually chowing down on a pizza at the time and it was mighty good. And it was tracked. And I worked out that morning. So actually, I’m making this healthy lifestyle part of my life, not just my January. In fact, I have been doing so for about a year and a half now. It feels good.

It’s a crying shame that my new start has actually coincided with the New Year, so I actually seem to have a lot of resolutions (see Monday’s post) (and I do state that they are resolutions giving into the hype, even though I don’t like that label). However, I have been wanting to make the leap to write full-time from home for a while, and moving back to the UK just happened to be at Christmas, so so be it. Apologies if I seem like a hypocrite but incidentally, if you are lacking in friends willing to go for a Friday night curry and a glass of wine in January, give me a call. Everything in moderation.