My new job and other updates in my life!

I am aware that I have distinctly absent from the blog recently, with only the occasional book review to keep you guys entertained! On the plus side, this made my week recently and all of these book reviews worth it:

Any time your writing gets noticed by a big time PR guru is a huge bonus! The fact that I had been writing about her is beside the point…
The reason that I still have time to read and not to blog is that my new favourite thing to do in the gym is to take a book or magazine and double up on my me-time. It’s so easy to ignore reading when you have a million emails/facebook msgs to respond to and blogs to catch up on.
And the reason that I am so busy is this:
Cupon Cafe is a daily deal site for Costa Rica. It has been set up by my friend (wife of my other boss) and I am running the social media side of things. I will also be running the bloggers and website affiliate scheme and working on the travel deal side of the business, once we get the daily deals up and running, but at the moment we are just launching the Facebook and Twitter. That is a lot in itself, as we are currently all over the radio every day, meaning we get hundreds of Facebook likes a day – the iPhone4 giveaway helps as well 😉 !
An interesting tale to tell here too: I recently went to my friend’s dentist to work on negotiating a deal with him for work. But i also fancied a check-up as I don’t have a dentist here in Costa Rica… And it would seem that my recent comments about preferring to be in a dentist’s chair over a hairdresser’s chair have come back to haunt me because I need to have my wisdom teeth out – he X-rayed me and found that one was growing sideways! Boo.
On the plus side, I do like my hair more and more each day. It is growing in length as well as growing on me… haha!