my first ever blog!

Santiago De Compostela


Welcome to my first ever blog! I find the first blog quite an intimidating thing to write; what do you say? How should you come across? All of these types of things filled my mind and then I suddenly thought, just write! If people don’t like you then they won’t read it again! So, here I am, this is me!
I’m writing a blog as a way to communicate my thoughts and practice more writing, that isn’t academic. My dream is to be a fashion journalist and I’ve always had a thing for writing. Many of my essays get criticised at university for having too much of my own voice in them. I often get comments along the lines of “a little colloquial” or “very magaziney”. Well, I guess that I should put that to good use and write for magazines with my own voice! So, that’s what I am attempting to do.
I’m currently living and studying in Santiago de Compostela in Spain on my year abroad from university, as part of my course. Above is a photo I took of the city’s main attraction, it’s beautiful cathedral. I study French and Hispanic Studies at the University of Birmingham, and now I’m studying Fashion Journalism online with Cleland Thom. My dream is to combine my language skills and my love of fashion and travel in my future career. It’ll be a long hard struggle, but I’m willing to do it!
Until the next time…
Ciao for now!