A Couple of Days in Venice…

The last couple of days have been really good. Venice is such a beautiful city. I just live wandering the narrow alleyways without a car in sight and suddenly happening upon a canal with the sun beating down on it and a gondola just slowly drifting down it. It truly is magical.

Yesterday we spent our first full day wandering all around the old town getting lost, as recommended by all of my Travel Belles tip-givers. We strolled, dipping into cafés for a quick cappuccino or a spritz aperol, depending on the time of day. We had a gorgeous pasta lunch until the street heaters along the Grand Canal facing the Rialto. It was fabulous. Then we spent our afternoon wandering back and along the other side of the island. We explored the more residential areas and as it was Easter Monday, there were many families also out for a stroll, which was lovely to see. The seafront is a fun, more touristy place to be with street vendors and artists looking for a quick sale, but it was really enjoyable to sit in the sun and have a drink. Such a world away from the drizzle in the UK.

Dinner was more difficult, we couldn’t decide where to eat and ended up in a distinctly average and over priced place in the central area. Not recommended so I won’t say much further on the subject. Luckily it didn’t ruin our holiday and Tuesday’s meals were marvellous.

Today we headed over to the famous Venetian Lido on the vaporetto. Mum was excited to see the setting of A Death in Venice. The sun was warm but the breeze was cool so we were hardly tanning in our bikinis but it was certainly lovely to sit and look out over sea and sand with our morning coffee. We headed inland for lunch at Roxy’s for some fabulous pizza in the sunshine before catching a boat back to the mainland and spending the afternoon window shopping and sitting in various cafés and bars enjoying the sunshine and a great deal of people-watching.

Dinner was in a great little place around the corner from our hotel called Ristorante Beppino. The place was buzzing, we can see their upstairs room from our hotel window and it has been busy every night. It fully lived up to the hype this evening as we sat for 3 hrs eating and sipping and chatting without any hassle from the helpful staff. People around us came and went as we soaked up the atmosphere and the Valpolicello. A perfect last evening before crashing into bed ready for more tomorrow morning.

Good night!

Arrived in Venice!

Today we arrived in Venice to a beautiful sunset and speedboat water taxis everywhere. Very chic. The photo above shows the amazing views of the Alps as we flew over them. I managed to snap a pic on my iPad before we had to turn our electronics off.

Venice airport was pretty easy to navigate. We headed quickly out for a vaporetto ( water bus) and enjoyed a beautiful subset and stunning views of the city on approach. Unfortunately, the bus took longer than we anticipated (1.5hrs) so we just had time to drop off our bags, freshen up and head out for dinner.

Thanks to the hotel receptionist, we discovered San Zulian, a little ristorante just around the corner. It was one of the cheaper ones in the area, but still cost 70€ for two starters, two pastas and a bottle of wine. I have a feeling that this is going to be a costly trip!

Do let me know if you have any further suggestions for me whilst I’m here!

Hectic Few Weeks…

After spending much of last week procrastinating and enjoying the sunshine and then much of this week watching the Samantha Brick phenomenon unfold, I have been spending the last couple of days getting up to date with deadlines and work. Why? Because I’m going to be everywhere in the next few weeks.

I’m heading to Venice tomorrow with my Mum for a little Easter break. Thank you to all of you who have sent me tips on the Travel Belles Community and on Twitter. I’m completely in love with The Travel Belles at the moment (and not because they have taken me on as a writer!). I urge you to check it out. It’s such a fun read. I’ll be in Venice for 3 nights. We’re simply planning on hanging out on gondolas, sampling the local pasta – based delights and checking out some sites such as the Lido and a few piazzas. Most people recommend getting lost in Venice, which sounds like a great non-plan to me!

On our return, I have to head to London on Thursday because I have an early flight to Poland on Friday for a Bloggers’ trip. Pretty excited for two reasons: I’ve never been before and I should be able to see my friend Kasia in Krakow. Remember she came to visit in February and we went to Lincoln?

I’ll be in Poland for 4 days before heading back up to London to sleep, and catch up on work and all of these travel notes I plan on making! Then, my mother will rejoin me for a girly couple of days. Steps at the O2 will be no1 on the agenda plus a few drinks and the obligatory shopping trip.

By the time the weekend rolls around, I hope to curl up with Mark, watch some movies and maybe enjoy a Sunday roast before major working out begins to work off my mammoth two weeks. Anybody fancy joining me back on the 30 Day Shred? It worked well for me last time!