My 100th Blog!!

Wow, I’ve come a long way and I’ve written a LOT of blogs! But, I have to say that I am absolutely loving it all! Last April I decided that Fashion Journalism was definitely for me. I had often considered it, but often thought that maybe it was just every little girl’s dream and told myself to come up with a better plan! But then I found a course online with CTJT and decided to go for it! I paid for the course on the day that I handed in all of my Year Abroad work. I was so excited that I even finished and submitted the first module on the first day! I started my blog last April and couldn’t imagine what it would be like with archives; pages and pages of things that I had written!! Since then, I have started writing for my student newspaper The Sanctuary (and have recently been offered the editor’s position!), I also write for and I also have a greater understanding of the world of fashion journalism and an internship lined up for July with The Daily Express Fashion Desk. All in all, I an thoroughly enjoying all of it and just can’t wait to graduate so that I can do this full time!

I have a couple of thank you’s to throw out at the bottom here: Amazona, Student Beans and The Sanctuary Bham for giving me a platform. The Daily Express for thinking that I’m good enough! My best friend Chris for putting me up on his sofa next summer and also for his knowledge of London transport, which will no doubt come in handy! My parents for actually taking me seriously on this! And finally, my boyfriend Mark for having to listen to me go on about Vogue and shoes for hours on end and not complaining about it… much!!

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Just a quick update!!

Hi everyone!

I’m sorry I’m so busy at the moment! I have no time to do much blogging, although I am trying to keep up with all the comments! Thank you so much for all of them! My plan at the moment is to get this last week of uni done before the Christmas holidays, then I may be MIA for a few days as I’m jetting off to Barcelona with my mum to do some Xmas shopping! However, on my return, the blog will be full of photos from my adventures of late, as well as my vintage shopping buys!!
I went to the Clothes Show Live on Friday with my friend Elles, so expect a quick review of that within the next couple of weeks! I’m slowly learning how to improve my blog – I was a complete novice when I started, but I seem to have got the hang of it and I really love writing for it! I wish I didn’t have so many other things going on in my life, so that I can dedicate more time to it!
Outside of this blog, I’ve got a quite a bit of work to do for my uni course, I want to complete a few more modules of my Fashion Journalism course with Cleland Thom and I’ve also got a few articles to write! You will hopefully be seeing a couple on Amazona (see previous blog), as well as something for (a breakdown of the Christmas sales). I am also going to try and fit something in for The Sanctuary, my uni paper and I have also agreed to write something for a new website called, so all in all – a busy month is ahead of me! I will eventually link them all back to this blog, so that all of my work is in one place.
Plus, I haven’t made my NYE plans yet!! Any suggestions?!