Samantha Brick is Back!

This morning, The Daily Mail published Samantha Brick’s latest extravaganza. She claims that you really cannot be ugly on television. In a kind of ‘face for the radio’ type piece.

Whilst this is all going on, I thought I’d repost my piece from Gridlock Magazine last month. Any thoughts?

“Men can be easily manipulated”


What with this revelation from Katie on The Apprentice last night and the commotion surrounding Samantha Brick in the Daily Mail over the last couple of days, women aren’t looking too good right now.  No wonder men often like to generalise and call us all ‘crazy and hormonal’. Don’t worry, we modern-types clearly think you are all incompetent idiots anyway.

Is it really any surprise that this Samantha Brick drama or ‘Brickgate’ as I have elected to deem it (whether it catches on or not) has caused such a media furore? Well, yes I guess that it is. Call her what you like – crazy, self-obsessed, deluded… She’s heard it all in the past 48hrs so you can’t shock her.

I do have something shocking to say though. She’s not wrong. In what she says about women being fiercely competitive with each other anyway. Almost every woman has at one time or another looked at another as a rival. When we meet your best friend’s new girlfriend, we’re hoping that she is not as pretty as us. Or at least that you think so. In fact, we’re kind of hoping that she’s not very friendly. And a bit fat.And at the risk of adding to the fire, I’ve been there. I’ve been told by other women that I’m intimidating, but I’m hoping that it’s not down to what’s on the outside. I hope that I’m a friendly person that people want to spend some time with. Don’t worry though, I’m not about to declare that I have got everywhere in life with my looks. I’d like to think that maybe my brains and social skills (read: loud, overbearing-ness) are what could be intimidating. Plus, I’m 5’10” with big curly hair and I’m not shy. You can’t miss me. These were actually the reasons as to why I wasn’t confident as a teenager. I remember going into myself in my late teens, covering up and putting on weight in order to avoid unwanted attention. Confidence came later, but I don’t believe arrogance ever did. Samantha Brick said on This Morning on Thursday that there is confusion between arrogance and self-confidence. There is nothing wrong with being-self confident. I agree with her on that. Over-confidence is what turns people off.I admire a woman who can admit that she looks good. It’s better than being self-deprecating and shy. But the difference between Samantha Brick and other women is that she chose to admit this to the world. In a rather ego-filled, matter-of-fact piece prompting over five thousand comments in the first few hours alone of being in the public domain. Is the piece just badly written and therefore comes across as arrogant and superior? It comes across as a little pompous and full of far too many anecdotes that causes the reader to think ‘Really?’. However, it was the comments posted below the article that started the backlash. Women writing “and she’s not even that pretty,” doesn’t help. Hence, the continuing follow-up arguments from Brick stating that these women are proving her point. They aren’t hating her looks, they are hating her attitude. People who aren’t beautiful on the inside, stop appearing so on the outside. And men are agreeing with this, so unfortunately, Ms Brick is fighting a losing battle.

The Daily Mail is now getting heat for publishing it. I agree with The Guardian’s Hadley Freeman. They really did just throw her to the wolves, much in the same way they do with Liz Jones from time to time. Today’s I look like Kate Middleton piece is a prime example.  However, that is another rant entirely. According to reports, the online publication made £30,000 from advertising revenue on the first day of the affair. Very clever.

So, is Katie disliked on The Apprentice by the girls because she is a pretty blonde? Or is it because she is a bit of a threat and has an underlying attitude. Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure. She had no problem on the guys’ team this week. Maybe you are easily manipulated after all, boys!

The worry now is whether this is what it means to be a strong, independent woman these days? No wonder there’s so much hatred in the world. You only have to look to The Daily Mail comment section (coincidentally disabled in the following days). At this rate, given the choice, I’d rather be in the cast of Girls of the Playboy Mansion than The Apprentice these days. At least those girls are lovely to each other. And they know how to share. That’s just basic human kindness.

PS. A couple of male spoofs have been posted. Check them out on Vice and The Guardian if you fancy smirking to yourself. I’d love to see our Gridlock boys get involved!

Hectic Few Weeks…

After spending much of last week procrastinating and enjoying the sunshine and then much of this week watching the Samantha Brick phenomenon unfold, I have been spending the last couple of days getting up to date with deadlines and work. Why? Because I’m going to be everywhere in the next few weeks.

I’m heading to Venice tomorrow with my Mum for a little Easter break. Thank you to all of you who have sent me tips on the Travel Belles Community and on Twitter. I’m completely in love with The Travel Belles at the moment (and not because they have taken me on as a writer!). I urge you to check it out. It’s such a fun read. I’ll be in Venice for 3 nights. We’re simply planning on hanging out on gondolas, sampling the local pasta – based delights and checking out some sites such as the Lido and a few piazzas. Most people recommend getting lost in Venice, which sounds like a great non-plan to me!

On our return, I have to head to London on Thursday because I have an early flight to Poland on Friday for a Bloggers’ trip. Pretty excited for two reasons: I’ve never been before and I should be able to see my friend Kasia in Krakow. Remember she came to visit in February and we went to Lincoln?

I’ll be in Poland for 4 days before heading back up to London to sleep, and catch up on work and all of these travel notes I plan on making! Then, my mother will rejoin me for a girly couple of days. Steps at the O2 will be no1 on the agenda plus a few drinks and the obligatory shopping trip.

By the time the weekend rolls around, I hope to curl up with Mark, watch some movies and maybe enjoy a Sunday roast before major working out begins to work off my mammoth two weeks. Anybody fancy joining me back on the 30 Day Shred? It worked well for me last time!