Madonna for Dolce & Gabbana SS10

After the crazy Louis Vuitton campaign that was all yoga, legs and leotards, Madonna has gone back to basics with the help of her good friends Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana (not to mention D&G model boyfriend Jesus Luz!).
In the new D&G campaign, Madonna goes back to her traditional Italian heritage and plays a sexy housewife doing her chores in tight leopard print. I think she looks absolutely fantastic. She is the queen of reinvention and this is Madonna at her best!
What do you all think?

The Perfect Couple: Lara and Louis

Supermodel of the year Lara Stone has been revealed as Madonna’s replacement for the Louis Vuitton SS10 campaign, shot by photographer Steven Meisel. Apparently, it had to be Lara to suit the earthy, magical shoot.

“Because the collection loosely took its cues from the idea of the New Age traveller, we decided to create a green, outdoorsy set that would evoke a spirit of peace and love. To model the clothes, we wanted a modern, iconic, sexy beauty… It had to be Lara Stone,” explains Louis Vuitton artistic director Marc Jacobs.

Sounds like a perfect pairing to me! But then I’ve been an advocate of Lara for a while! The campaign will be first revealed in the February 2010 editions of magazines.

photo credit: NITROLICIOUS.COM

T-shirt slogans: A bit of fun or a step too far?

It seems that everyone from Alexa Chung to Katie Price has recently jumped on the T-shirt message bandwagon. But it is no longer simply an “I heart New York” classic and Frankie probably is still saying relax, but these days T-shirt graffiti has been taken up a notch.
The Jordan-Peter debacle took a turn for the tackiest when she attempted to recreate the whole “Team Jolie/Team Aniston” debate with her recent divorce with a “Team Katie” slogan. However, Peter got his own back by showing his dedication to his kids throughout the whole affair with a T-shirt that simply read: “Team Children”. Good point actually, Pete!
You can declare your love anything, reveal your deepest darkest thoughts or smallest annoyances or even get more followers with your Twitter username emblazoned across your chest!
What do you think of the T-shirt slogan phenomenon? Do you think it will ever really go away? And where will it lead? I mean, Madonna declared her love for Britney on a t-shirt once and ended up kissing her live on stage! One thing that I have to say is that I don’t mind a bit of fun, but broadcasting your already-very-public divorce across the press with a tacky t-shirt is probably where the line is crossed. Don’t you think?!

A couple of photos from this week…

Firstly, Madonna has been pictured with arms like this… What is going on? I find this kind of disturbing, despite respecting her for her workout ethic. Has she taken it a bit too far?
Secondly, in her battle to out-cool Danni Minogue, Cheryl Cole has been spotted with RED hair at the latest X Factor auditions. I don’t know – it still looks a bit try-hard to me. They are both so different anyway, what’s the point in the competition?
Finally, Britney is back filming a new TV ad and showing off a killer bikini body with long blonde hair, but AGAIN how long will this one last?

Matthew Williamson for H&M

When H&M announced their collaboration with Matthew Williamson for SS09, we knew that something amazing was going to come of it! Forget for a second Madonna’s leotards and Comme des Garcons crazy designs of H&M collaborations of the past. Here is something that we can all actually wear! Matthew Williamson is known for prints and that is what this summer is all about: bright, block colours, colourful print dresses and elegant casual. By the looks of these photos, he has certainly delivered! The peacock print above is to die for!

A bright blue suit is perfect to jazz up a work look, or even a new take on party wear if you dress it right! And who could create a SS09 collection without the obligatory jumpsuit? He included it, and he got it oh so right! I may be converted to the look! The collection is in UK stores on 23rd April. Form an orderly queue, experts are expecting a big rush to the the stores and only seen once before: when Kate Moss first collaborated with TopShop.

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