Frills and Fantasy!

Couture Week. Paris, January 2010.

Couture week is all about indulgence. It is fantastical one-of-a-kind joy before the seriousness of Fashion Week really starts. Not that it is something to be taken lightly. The skill involved is so intense that even the simplest of couture dresses can cost thousands of pounds. But that is the beauty of couture. Escapism, fantasy and splendor all rolled into one fabulously fun-filled week in the home of le mode, Paris.

Dior started the proceedings with a hoard of rose-covered romantic Victorian heroines in light and frilly gowns. Riccardo Tisci didn’t completely abandon black at Givenchy, but really embraced the softness of spring with satin and feathers. Armani’s offerings made the current red carpet season shrink into background with impossibly beautiful, yet strong and modern-looking gowns. Chanel continued the modern, silver galactic look with a hint of soft elegance, whilst Jean Paul Gaultier and Valentino brought a little more colour to the fore with inspiration from Mexico and the seasons respectively.

Shades of SS10 were evident throughout every show with nudes and pastels taking centre stage in beautifully soft silks, satins and chiffons. There is also a tendency with couture to be very traditional and often difficult to wear, yet many of the dresses were knee-length and simple with detailed accessories. And with the modern, galactic influence with the silver, which lifted the soft palette, the looks are actually entirely wearable! All in all, it was a fantastic tribute to spring and to the new decade as well as a brilliant indication of just how exciting AW10 Fashion Weeks just may be!

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Marion Cotillard pour Christian Dior!

Ah! C’est magnifique! I absolutely LOVE the new Dior adverts with Marion Cotillard. She looks magnificent; naturally beautiful yet preened to perfection, classic yet fresh and modern. The backdrop of Paris in the background is spectacular and she appears to be just effortlessly teetering on the edge of the Eiffel Tower. See for yourselves above! 

When I first saw ‘La Vie en Rose‘, known as ‘La Môme’ in France, I was watching it in order to write my French dissertation on the French film industry. What I did not expect was to be sobbing hysterically by the end of it! She was amazing and Dior is just the next step for her. Who knows what the future holds?
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