Joining the Barretribe

When I first moved to Guernsey, I was looking for hot yoga classes and blogged about the lack of offering for it on the island. Then I was told by a new business contact, who also read my blog, that there was actually a lovely woman called Sinead who taught hot yoga & barre in Guernsey. Now, I don’t usually like being corrected (!), but this was very exciting. I… View Post

My 2016 goals

Happy New Year! I’m so excited to be back on the blog this year. I didn’t blog very much in 2015, mainly because I was in the process of setting up a business, chasing my #girlboss dreams and moving to a new place. For 2016, I’m not announcing whimsical new year’s resolutions, but instead I’m setting goals for every area of my life. I’m also setting mini-goals each month to… View Post

My Running Goals

I started running a couple of years ago when training for my huge 3 Peaks Challenge and I really got into it. I am a bit of a fair weather runner though. I love a Saturday morning run in the sunshine before a big brunch. I hate a 7am Monday morning run in the cold and rain before rushing to shower and get to work. Swings and roundabouts, I guess.… View Post

My Big Fat Greek Moussaka

Every now and then, I love a good labour-intensive meal. It’s amazing to just lose yourself on a Sunday in a recipe, especially when you have great memories of the meal that you are making. Growing up, my parents were both teachers which meant that we we lucky enough to go on a lot of family holidays. For years, every October half term, we would head off with my godparents and… View Post