Hello all! I moved to Guernsey just over 8 months ago and I’m well overdue a major update to you all. If you haven’t read the first two, click below. (They’ll open in new tabs so you won’t lose this one either.) #IslandLife: My Move to Guernsey #IslandLife: An Update from Guernsey How am I settling into island life now? Pretty well actually. Do I miss London yet? Nope, not… View Post

Throughout my running injury woes in the lead up to my marathon, I realised that I really needed to stretch out a lot more and I found that completing a yoga sequence was the best way to keep me on the mat and stretching out my muscles for longer than the customary two-minutes-and-we’re-done-thanks-for-coming hamstring stretch. I realised that I was stretching for me and my own body’s good and not for… View Post

To whey or not to whey? That is the question. I have read a lot of contradictory opinions on whether whey protein is good for you – and on whether women should be taking it. This is what I have learned: You won’t automatically bulk up by taking protein supplements. It isn’t just for increasing calories for bodybuilders. Protein powder ensures your muscles have the protein that they need to tone… View Post

  Czech food traditionally is a lot to do with meat, potatoes, dumplings and beer. However, whilst that is still a key part of national dishes, the city’s gastronomical prowess is now about way more than just the basics. These days there are some really fantastic places to eat in Prague. I recently ran the Prague marathon and in the spirit of carb-loading I tried out quite a few restaurants in order to… View Post