Goats are Funny. End of Story.

So on Friday, I had just about the most hilarious day ever. And it was mainly because of goats. Yes, GOATS. There has been an underlying theme in the office over the past couple of weeks. Mid-afternoon one of us will get bored and hit another one of us up with some kind of hilarious video. This is pretty normal for many offices I guess, but the thing is that we’ve all become a little obsessed with goats. And hilarious goats at that. I’m not talking about a funny picture that makes you smile, type ‘lol’ or a little smiley and go back to your spreadsheets. Oh no. I’m talking about full-on over the top squeals from the girls in the office when they open the video that you have just sent them.

It started with this…

…escalated to this…

With a couple of these thrown in…

goat pictures

This got stuck to my desk when I was on a break.

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And ended with this:

I could NOT breathe. I was laughing so much with tears streaming down my face. It was just the culmination of a really entertaining afternoon.

And I don’t usually do funny videos. Or animal things. I don’t get cat pictures (sorry!). However, this was all too much. I’m converted.

What gets you through your day?

Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s Mother’s Day here in the UK! I’m at home for the weekend, which makes me super happy because not only do I get to not cook, hang out with my family and spend a lot less that I would if I was out and about in London, but I also get to sleep in this beautiful bed AND see these beautiful pups. Score.


Happy Mother’s Day Mum!


Happy February!


It’s February! Wahey! I had kind of set myself a goal to just make it through January health-wise, money-wise, life-wise, so I’m pretty happy to have made it through.

Here’s what I’ve been doing, reading and loving this week:

  • I loved this piece on Emerald Street a couple of weeks ago. I had been spending a couple of nights in and was quite bored, but I knew that I needed it for my health and sanity after 2 months of a completely packed diary. It’s filling up again now though, and I’m not complaining!
  • I’m determined to bring Book Club back this month. I’m thinking about starting with How Should a Person Be? by Sheila Heti.
  • I have been embracing being alone, inspired by this piece here, that I found on Amy’s blog.
  • I’ve been reading my favourite blogs daily.
  • I went to a fantastic writing workshop, which has inspired me to get fully focused again.
  • I made banana bread (recipe coming soon) and this asian broth again.
  • I bought too many pairs of boots. Exciting though.
  • I went for dinner and drinks with friends.

Have a great month, friends!

New Year, New Beginnings

!0 things to know to move forward
TGIF! Today is the first Friday of 2013. How are you celebrating? I’m meeting a friend for what should be coffee after work but will probably turn into a glass of wine. Hey, it’s Friday and it’s January! As I have mentioned many times before, I believe that depriving yourself in January is even more depressing than the winter weather outside tends to be. I may be focusing on looking after myself and being healthier after all of the Christmas partying that went on, but I most certainly have not given anything up and am NOT on a diet!
Here’s what I have been up to in the past month:

Christmas at Home
New Year’s Eve in London
Clothes Show Live coverage with Yahoo!

Professionally, my main goal for this year is to be a writer. I realise that may sound silly as someone who has been calling herself a writer for 5 years, but I recently read a post by Elise from one of my favourite blogs ‘A Beautiful Mess’ about not being afraid to start all over again with your passion and how to focus on it from a new perspective which really struck a chord with me. Being a real writer means taking more than five seconds to shove a couple of sentences into a blogpost before publishing without proofing. I don’t do that at work, so why would I do that in my writing?

I am known for being somebody who takes on too much. ‘Burning the candle at both ends’ is a phrase that often crops up in my life. It shouldn’t be this way. I need to start to take the time to do things properly, from cleaning my bathroom to doing my make up to writing my blog. I may get less done overall, but what I do get done will be done very well. And that will make me feel so much better.

Personally, I’m not one to air my dirty laundry on my blog. My actual, real life and feelings don’t tend to feature on here, which is madness because after all this is my blog and it is named after me. I tend to focus purely on the positive, but I have hinted a couple of times in recent posts and comments that I am now single after five years, but I haven’t said it explicitly. So there it is. I am. It is definitely taking some time to adjust to this fact (I couldn’t refer to him as ‘my ex’ for at least a month), so my main resolution for 2013 is to just be happy and live for the moment. And that’s the reason why I like this infographic so much. You can accept that things have happened and acknowledge that they happened for a reason, but unless you actually move on from a situation, there’s really no point in saying that you want to.

Oh, and I do have a couple of other goals too by the way, just in case you didn’t think the above was enough…

  • Learn to use my camera properly.
  • Learn more Italian.
  • Learn more about SEO and HTML.

I guess I’m all about life-long learning!

Happy New Year everybody. I hope 2013 is magical for all of you.

Goodbye November


November has been pretty good fun actually. My life has been pretty up and down recently.
But I’ve had good times with friends and family and I’ve learned so much about myself.

I’ve read some great books. ‘Room’ by Emma Donaghue is one of the best books that I have ever read. Plus, here are five things I learned about life by reading Miranda’s book. Hilarious.

I went to the ATP finals at the O2 and watched Andy Murray play live. That was great fun!

I’m now pretty gutted that I’m a Celebrity has finished. It’s one of my favourite shows. Great work by the girls and I just love a bit of Ant and Dec!

I’m back on track with fitness and I’m excited about it. Here’s little Slimspiration for you all! :)

I wrote about a terrible sham event that I went to on Tuesday night. I hope Karma comes back to bite the ‘organisers’ on the a**!

It’s now less than 4 weeks til Christmas! And I’m excited.

Here’s to a fabulous December!

Happy Friday!

This week I have been:

Spending time with great new friends. And great food.


I got my hair did.

I’m loving the new Instagram profiles!

I bought this course and have been swotting up!


I went to watch Andy Murray LIVE thanks to Lacoste.

This is my weekend reading. As is this.

Oh, and I’m getting back on the wagon next week.

Have a great weekend! I’m having a well-needed Friday night in and then a night away with one of my best friends.

Eat, drink, be merry… and breathe!


Sunday was a day for rest. After three days of eating, drinking and generally being merry at our friends’ wedding, I needed a day off. Mark was heading to the Olympic football to watch Team GB so I took the opportunity to potter around, pop to the gym, do a bit of cooking and watch reruns of shows I’ve most probably seen before. I also played around with the wedding tokens on our coffee table. Don’t you just love the wild flowers in the tin cans?!

Another thing that I realised was that I’d been having such a fab time that I didn’t tweet or even really bother with my phone at all for a couple of days. That’s what good times with good friends will do for you.

The Job Hunt

Source: mashable.com via Kelly on Pinterest

I’m currently stuck in that old conundrum of need money to move to London, but need to move to London to get money. If you follow me on Twitter, then you may have seen desperate tweets of late as I struggle with this and, short of a miracle, I feel a little stumped. I have tried applying to various different jobs, both full-time in London and freelance (and continue to do so…) but I’m getting tired. And I’m not the only one.

The other day I read Olivia at The London Ladybird‘s rant about the lack of jobs in this journalism and PR industry. Bloggers and interns are often bemoaning the lack of jobs (and salaries!) in the writing and social media sector. And with very good reason. I applied for a job on LinkedIN the other day that 104 people had already applied for. The online job market at the moment is booming, which unfortunately means that people have more access to the jobs that you are applying for. And in this sector – online writing – OBVIOUSLY everybody is applying for the same jobs. Add to all of this two recessions and you can really begin to understand where I am coming from. My boyfriend Mark is in a similar position. He is currently exploring his options, considering entering financial trading and putting his years of professional poker playing to good use. There are many transferrable skills between the two careers.

All of this has led to me going back to the old adage “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Why? because I have years of blogging and social media experience, a packed-full CV, a great degree from a great university and yet no real job prospects right now. Time to get networking! I am reaching out to everyone I know and have met along the way to ask if they have heard of anything coming up, on the grapevine. I want to get a position BEFORE it’s online. I don’t even want it to have the chance of getting online before I sign the contract. Good luck me.

Birthday Weekend

Some people are just lucky enough to have their birthdays fall on a weekend. Some are extremely fortunate to have them fall on a Bank Holiday weekend. Others work from home and don’t really notice when it’s a Wednesday or a Friday anyway. This would be the case for my lovely boyfriend Mark, who turned 25 last weekend. We had quite the extravaganza weekend planned!


On Thursday, I got to London and we went out on a little bowling date night. He won both games – although I obviously let him as it was his birthday! On Friday, I got some work done and managed to secretly bake a cake in his tiny flat whilst he had a nap. How he didn’t smell the chocolate baking is beyond me, but I’m quite proud of my plan to hide the half-made cake in the wardrobe when he woke up!

Saturday consisted of FA cup final watching, dinner and drinks around Covent Garden and a night out at Sway. The review? Nice place, not too crowded but we had booked a big table and the area given was tiny and the drinks were quite expensive. I’d probably go back though, so I must have enjoyed it.


On Sunday, we headed over to Mark’s parents house for a Sunday roast and a pub quiz. Quite the cure for a hangover and my cake went down a treat. And I loved getting up on Monday and knowing that my email wouldn’t be pinging! We spent the afternoon on the sofa with a film and some birthday chocolates. Great weekend.