Review: Kebelo Advantage Hair System

Just before Christmas, my hairdresser told me to come back in January because she had a present for me. She also told me to clear three hours for it. So, on the first Friday of January whilst I was still off work and in need of a new year, mid-winter pick-me-up, I headed off to go and see her. The gift was a deep conditioning treatment.  The Kebelo Advantage System promises 100 days of frizz-free, easy-to-manage, healthy, shiny, smooth hair with a tagline that states ‘Weatherproof your Hair’. Ummmm, yes please! Sign me up!

Kebelo system hair treatment

Why did we need three hours? Well, here we go:

1. Deep cleansing shampoo.
2. Comb through and apply treatment in sections wearing gloves.
3. Blow dry treatment into hair.
4. Seal with straighteners: 11 times per section for coloured hair, 12 for normal hair.
5. 5 mins: Cool blow dry to finish off.
6. 5 mins: Rinse out using warm water.
7. Revitalising shampoo.
8. Revitalising conditioner.
9. Simple blow dry.

We saw the results instantly. I had smoother, straighter, frizz-free hair. And she also assured me that if I don’t blow dry my hair straight, then I will have smooth frizz-free curls. So rest assured my curly-haired friends, this isn’t a straightening treatment!

Kebelo revitalising range

To help keep your treatment working. There is a little follow up. You need to use the revitalising shampoo and conditioner every time you wash your hair, plus a hair mask to be used every two weeks. The bottle says once a week but I am told that keeping up with the shampoo is more important. Once your products run out, you can just use organic products to maintain the treatment.

Kebelo advantage system deep conditioning

A month or so later (not to mention, many plane journeys and hot/cold weather settings) and my hair has more defined curls, much less frizz (even when working in Kenya!) and feels so much softer. I had been finding the shampoo hard to work into a lather and so was told by my hairdresser to wash twice to get it to really lather up, which works a treat.

Kebelo hair results

I thoroughly recommend this treatment. It’s made my hair stronger, which in turn is helping it to get longer. What a bonus.

Thank you so much to Elena at Central Cuts!

What’s your favourite weather-proofing treatment? Have you tried Kebelo yet?

My New Wonder Cream


When a pile of Sudocrem samples landed on my desk, I was pretty unsure of what to do with them. I briefly contemplated passing them on to my friend for her baby’s nappy (diaper) rashes, as to me (and I’m sure to many) that seemed to be the only feasible use for the cream. I tried it out as a hand cream, as the handy tube was great for chucking in my bag on a Saturday afternoon on my way to the shopping centre. However, I actually thought that it was a watered-down ‘hand cream version’ of Sudocrem and much to my surprise found myself covered in thick white cream on the bus and smelling a bit like talcum powder and baby changing facilities. However, by the end of my 10minute bus journey, my hands were the softest that they had been in a long time. I gave one of the tubes to my friend the next day and she agreed.

So, what next? Cut to a few weeks later and I am in the office complaining about a recent hormonal break out on my chin. I can’t cover it, it’s been around for weeks now and cannot possibly be stress-related as I am pretty calm these days compared to a few months ago. It even stubbornly stuck around during my 14 day cleanse, which throughly annoyed me. My colleague, Kelli, turns to me and just casually say,s in her soft northern Ireland lilt, ‘You should use Sudocrem. Works like a charm for me.’

Interesting. So I found the tube in the bottom of my bag and lathered it on my chin and left it to sink in. After 30mins, I saw a marked improvement. At the very least, the redness had gone down. I then spent the weekend piling it on, going to bed looking like a clown (much to the amusement/total horror of my boyfriend) and applying a thin layer to my chin in the morning with my day cream before make up. A week later and my chin is almost clear. It’s not a quick fix but it does do exactly what it says on the tin. It’s an old favourite. And Kelli was right – it does work like a charm. She uses it for sunburn as well as other skin irritations. It works great as a replacement moisturiser. And on one sleep-deprived day I even piled it under my eyes as a kind of concealer as it does leave your skin a bit whiter as it sinks in (I don’t think this is expert-recommended however). In short, it has become a stalwart of my cosmetics case.

Fancy a free handy cream tube yourself?
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P.S. You can still win an iPad Mini from Sudocrem  – competition info is here!

Midweek Manicure


There’s nothing better than looking down at fabulously manicured nails. It’s one of those things that makes me smile. Therefore, as I mentioned in my previous blog, I have decided to make manicures a priority in my life and in my budget. If it makes you happy, it’s worth it.


I have waxed lyrically about the wonder of Shellac in the past. It has revolutionised my life. I will never again pay for a manicure with normal nail varnish – what’s the point, given the fact that it will most probably chip in a couple of days. Especially when you type as much as I do. So now, every couple of weeks I wander out of the office to Angela’s Nails (Lower Marsh, London SE1) where I catch up on the latest gossip with a friend, pick out colours and enjoy a little bit of pampering. And why not?

How do you treat yourself?


Girls’ Day Out at the Ideal Home Show!

For the perfect girls’ day out, look no further than the Ideal Home Show. From interiors and garden to food and housewares, there is something for everyone. Inspiration for home renovation, redecoration, kitchen creativity and fauna fascinations can be found in every corner. But if you aren’t looking to add to your kitchen gadgetry or redo your guest room, then don’t forget the Ideal Woman section. Teaming with the latest beauty products, testers and treatments as well as a full catwalk show schedule and a pretty Victorian Tea Room by celebrity chef Gregg Wallace of Masterchef fame, Ideal Woman could fill up your day pretty quickly without a glance at the rest of the exhibition. Stands filled with handbags, cosmetic products and beautiful jewellery are interspersed with beauty treatments such as eyebrow threading, teeth-whitening and a plethora of all-in-one bronzer stands. Watch out for those. Your eyebrows will thank you.
Want to know what to look out for? Read More here…

Beauty in Review: Shellac Nails

I have a new beauty obsession. Aside from my hair, my next big beauty thing are my nails. I really am not a big make-up person, nor do I profess to be. However, I am really loving Shellac nails. A couple of weeks ago, I went for a quick pre-holiday mani/pedi (+ blowdry + bikini wax… just the necessary!) and was upsold a Shellac manicure by the manicurist. I have been through that first day at the beach when after one dip your whole manicure is chipped, ruining your look for the whole holiday, so when she told me that it can last at least 10 days and works like gel but without ruining your nails underneath, I just nodded. Winner.

The colour is applied in simple layers like polish, takes no longer than your usual french manicure. The only difference being that between layers, you need to have your nails under a UV light. This is easy and the results are stunning. The above photo is my nails after 13 days. I have been in the gym, on flights, in the pool, on the beach and have not once been ‘careful’ with my manicure. They have grown but they are still glossy and perfect, despite the growth. The only issue I had was when I caught one whilst shaving my legs and I chipped the corner – this was obviously going to damage it. And I think I’ll try a colour next time!

For more info on Shellac Nails, click here.

Have you used Shellac? Are you a convert?