Review: Clean and Lean 14 Day Kickstarter Plan

clean and lean results flat tummy

This is no joke. I lost 14lbs in 14days on this programme. I went from 199.3lbs to 185.2lbs in 2 weeks. I also lost inches around my waist and improved my overall health and wellbeing just by getting clean and lean. Read about why I decided to do this here.

I have long since coveted a supermodel body. I do not know who hasn’t, so if that isn’t a great selling point for James Duigan’s Clean and Lean Diet, then I do not know what is. However, it wasn’t just the fact that he trains Elle MacPherson and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, but also the fact that it isn’t a diet. You don’t just do it and move on. It is a simple lifestyle change. Essentially, stop eating rubbish. Start eating naturally. Get your body clean and feel much better about yourself. Simples.

I initially found it a lot easier than I thought to cut dairy, sugar, alcohol and carbs from my diet. My eating was mainly made up of eggs, lots of green vegetables, nuts and lean meat. As I mentioned in my half way blog here, I loved the fact that I could have a steak and vegetables when out with friends on a Friday, but I did miss having a glass of red with it. And I really enjoy greek yoghurt and fruit for breakfast, neither of which were part of the kickstarter programme.

clean and lean flat tummy recipe

However, when you see the results coming so quickly, you can’t help but just keep going. After the first week, I had dropped the water weight after a heavy weekend and also lost about 5lbs of real weight. My stomach was flatter than I had ever seen it and I felt proud and healthy.

One of the biggest changes to my lifestyle was the amazing feeling that I had when waking up every morning. I just jumped out of bed ready for the day. The energy that I felt whilst eating this way had me totally convinced that this is the way to live. I learnt so much in just a small space of time as I spent most of my time reading and re-reading the Clean and Lean book.

clean and lean flat tummy recipe

It’s a total lifestyle change for me now. Even though, I’ve had a couple of holidays this month and a few parties, I love the fact that I just eat clean the rest of the time. Being able to reintroduce fruit and yoghurt as well as other simple, natural foods (yes, and a glass of wine and a couple of squares of organic chocolate!) has made my diet so much more plentiful and I feel balanced and healthy. I think I’ll be clean and lean for life.

clean and lean flat tummy lifestyle

Have you tried the Clean and Lean lifestyle? Let me know below or over on Twitter!

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  • Sophie

    Firstly well done! Are u still managing To be clean? I have been on and off it but haven’t done the 14 day kick start as when I start cutting out sugar I get a major headache and completely grumpy.. Did u find this and how did u get through it?
    I think winter for me will be easier as I love soups and there are some great recipes in the book I have tried but I need to commit myself!!
    Thanks for your inspiration, encouragement and photos!

  • Sarah

    Hi Stephanie thank you for everything. I would like to ask you if beans are allowed in this diet. I would like to start tomorrow!!!

  • This is amazing, well done to you for keeping it up and loosing so much!
    I’d never be able to do this sort of diet as I’m too fussy with foods but I am trying to cut out foods high in sugar and carbs!

    Colourful Stuff | Beauty, Fashion, Life ♥

  • alison botha

    Hi Stefanie. Thought I’d get in touch to see if you can help! My friend and I started the Duigan plan three weeks ago. We have stuck religiously to the basics, and have only ‘cheated’ once or twice with a vodka and tonic. First week was great – both lost over four pounds – but since then, nothing. In fact I have actually gained a pound, so my total loss is just 3lbs in three weeks. Feeling very disheartened 🙁 Any ideas please?

    • Stefanie

      Hi Alison!
      I’m not sure what could have gone wrong to be honest – you possibly aren’t being as clean as you should be? I do know that alcohol can affect your metabolism for up to 4 days, but if what you are saying is true, don’t be disheartened. It could be time of the month, salt, water retention etc. How did it go? Did you finish? x