Sore is the New Sexy

Sore is the new sexy

It’s Friday morning. The alarm goes off and I roll over in bed. Or attempt to at least. I go to bend my legs to get out up. Oh, wait – I CAN’T. Then I remember that he said it would be like this…

On Wednesday evening, I had my first personal training session with Dean Callis. Despite being somewhat anxious before the first session, it actually wasn’t that bad. I hadn’t done cardio for a while, as I tend to work out in my living room with not a huge amount of room to run around, so heading out to the park on a warm and sunny London day was pleasant, albeit a bit of a shock to the system.

We started out with a bit of a warm-up, involving running (not my fave), but slowly built in various basic moves like squats, boxing and burpees to work the whole body. I love this kind of workout, but I was definitely pushed harder than I would have worked had I been by myself. That’s the beauty of 1-on-1: there’s nowhere to hide. I felt awake and energised afterwards, even though I hadn’t actually stopped all day. I actually can’t wait for the next session. I’m a working out outdoors convert.