How To Child-Proof Your House Without Ruining It

perfect modern family home*This is a guest post*

All too often homeowners tend to think that a stylish house is mutually exclusive from a home that is also ‘child friendly.’ This is not necessarily the case and here are a few ideas that combine a well-designed interior with kids in mind.


The London based interior designers Increation suggest that style need never be compromised and with a little thought and common sense then both children and your beautifully decorated home can peacefully co-exist.

Those who love the clean white lines of the minimalists will be able to relax with washable paint on the walls and soft furnishings that can be laundered. If you’ve just installed a fashionable wooden floor then it might be an idea to have a look at stain-protected options. The alternative is to invest in a special room designated for the kids but so many flats and houses are open planned that this may prove to be difficult. Also watching your children at play can be quite a lot of fun and at least you’ll know what their up to.


If you do, though, have the space, then a playroom is an excellent idea. Style doesn’t have to be abolished here; you can always decorate the room with themed wallpaper and select toy boxes and storage units from the many options that are available. The floor can be covered with a durable matting or carpet so that if paint is spilled onto the floor the ensuing mess will not cause a domestic tragedy.

Alternatively, this room can be a useful hideaway for your child, as they grow older. The ‘playroom’ can undergo a type of metamorphosis and be adapted for your kid’s growing needs; they’ll feel very grown-up if their friends can come and socialise in this room and the wallpaper and decorations can be changed accordingly. Bespoke wallpapers are becoming increasingly popular and the old playroom can be totally transformed by some beautiful wall hangings and fabrics. Even teenagers spill things so try and make sure that all the material used is washable.


The designer Vincent Cullane has suggested that if space is at a premium then it might be a good idea to ‘to design the space for use by everyone. Utilise clever storage such for toys instead and maybe dedicate a wall or area for their paintings, pictures and scribbles which adds some personality to a space. You can achieve any look if you have places to hide things and fabrics and paints that are washable.’

If you choose to follow Vincent’s advice then you’ll have maintained the integrity of your design and also created an ideal area for your children to be as messy as they please. You’ll be secure in the knowledge that any debris or dirt can be cleaned up and all toys that are surplus to requirement can be tidied away in those rather smart containers that totally blend in with the overall look of your pride and joy, your home.