Bloggers Guilt: How to combat it

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We all know the feeling. That tiny niggle in the back of your mind that you aren’t done, that you’ve still got things to do. I get this a LOT. Like, A LOT. And I know it’s because I’m dealing with a lot. I have a full-time, busy marketing job, a weekly commitment to Yahoo! Lifestyle, a monthly piece for an online magazine in Madrid and a couple more freelance projects to help people with social media. Not to mention a blog that I want to put everything in to but that inevitably always comes last in my priorities because it’s not ‘a job’.

So I’ve decided to take charge of my guilt. I’m not saying that I’m going to stop getting stressed, but I think I spend far too much time thinking about what I have to do as opposed to actually doing it and I think that having a system and schedule in place so that I know what I’m doing and WHEN I’m doing it will help me immensely. And I’m sure I’m not the only one. So ask yourself these questions and why not plan your life along with me?

Which one do you care about the most? For me, it’s the blog. It’s what I’m most proud of, what I always enjoy working on.

What do you want to improve? This is a long one. On the blog, I want to tweak my design and make sure that all of my feeds and social networks are aligned with it. I want to go through all of my posts (five years’ worth) and optimise for SEO. I want to have a system for scheduling tweets and FB posts of older blog posts in my catalogue that are still relevant today. I want to have time to write. I want to monetise the blog adding some links and ads without compromising the personal part of it. I want to have amazing, jaw-dropping stats that make people go ‘How?’ and I just coyly smile, tip my head to the side and say ‘Oh, I don’t know really’.

I want to also be able to happily manage my freelance and day jobs, until I get to the point where they merge. (That is the ultimate goal.)

How do you plan on fixing this?

Make a schedule: Separate writing time with social media time with email time. You can schedule and tidy things up with the tv on and a glass of wine. You can’t write like that though. It’s never as good.

Create a calendar of deadlines and a content calendar: Use post schedulers just like you do at work. I work in social media marketing and I always schedule posts a week in advance, use a content calendar to plan my months. I work on things at least 2 weeks in advance, often more when it’s a big project. I also use stats sites to track how things work. Why don’t I do that for my own stuff? I’m not quite sure to be honest. Time to change that I feel.

I know I’m not alone. The Lunchbox Diaries posted this on bloggers’ guilt a couple of weeks ago. I spotted this post on Yes and Yes recently as well as this piece from Cait at Pretty and Fun. There really are only so many hours in the day. You don’t have to be perfect, so quit trying.