Hectic Few Weeks…

After spending much of last week procrastinating and enjoying the sunshine and then much of this week watching the Samantha Brick phenomenon unfold, I have been spending the last couple of days getting up to date with deadlines and work. Why? Because I’m going to be everywhere in the next few weeks.

I’m heading to Venice tomorrow with my Mum for a little Easter break. Thank you to all of you who have sent me tips on the Travel Belles Community and on Twitter. I’m completely in love with The Travel Belles at the moment (and not because they have taken me on as a writer!). I urge you to check it out. It’s such a fun read. I’ll be in Venice for 3 nights. We’re simply planning on hanging out on gondolas, sampling the local pasta – based delights and checking out some sites such as the Lido and a few piazzas. Most people recommend getting lost in Venice, which sounds like a great non-plan to me!

On our return, I have to head to London on Thursday because I have an early flight to Poland on Friday for a Bloggers’ trip. Pretty excited for two reasons: I’ve never been before and I should be able to see my friend Kasia in Krakow. Remember she came to visit in February and we went to Lincoln?

I’ll be in Poland for 4 days before heading back up to London to sleep, and catch up on work and all of these travel notes I plan on making! Then, my mother will rejoin me for a girly couple of days. Steps at the O2 will be no1 on the agenda plus a few drinks and the obligatory shopping trip.

By the time the weekend rolls around, I hope to curl up with Mark, watch some movies and maybe enjoy a Sunday roast before major working out begins to work off my mammoth two weeks. Anybody fancy joining me back on the 30 Day Shred? It worked well for me last time!

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