Spend a little time with yourself…

You know when people utter the phrase “look after number one”? They’re talking about you, you know! I used to hate being alone. I got so used to having a boyfriend that I had no idea what to do when he wasn’t there.

It recently occurred to me that this has all changed. I’m in my mid-20s (gulp!) and I enjoy time by myself, just like I did years ago as a teenager in my room all evening (I wasn’t an anti-social freak FYI). I yearn for a night where I can stay in and watch The Kardashians without interruptions. I go on work trips completely alone, I fly across the world alone and I have coffee alone. I’ve even had lunch alone. This is not a big deal to many people out there – and it no longer is to me – but a few years ago, I never would have thought that I would be able to do that. And you know what? I love it! I genuinely enjoy my own company. I love having coffee alone and reading a book or blogs. Pure bliss.

Admittedly, this is probably easier in society now given the advance in technology, but I still believe that it’s important to spend some time alone and enjoy it. I recently wrote about this here and here on my Note-A-Day diary. Did you see it?

Do you ever go on dates with yourself?
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One thought on “Spend a little time with yourself…

  1. I know what you mean…I used to have a hard time knowing what to do with lots of free time but now I can manage much better and fill the time quite easily.Especially in the middle of the week, it's great to have a night alone to watch a silly movie or finish a book. Great post, thanks!


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