EVENT: Illustrating Design styLED by Philips

Lighting makes a huge difference to a room

Last week I was fortunate enough to pop over to Antwerp, Belgium to attend the Illustrating Design styLED by Philips event.

Lieven Verdin is passionate about his work

 I have always been one of those people who is obsessed with ‘mood lighting’ to the point that my boyfriend cannot understand why I need to turn off this light and turn on that one and dont get me started on dimmer switches. So although I didn’t think that an afternoon chatting about LED technology would be very thrilling, it turned out to be pretty fascinating. Philips are very passionate about light and how it affects a person’s life. To them, lighting is so much more than just a compensation for daylight.

With LED, there are now many more options in terms of colour, or light can be incorporated into furniture or into  the floor. Not just that but LED is actually much better for the environment that the old standard light bulb, hence why they are becoming a thing of the past.
Claudia Liesholt

“Technology itself has no meaning but it can be meaningful” – Claudia Liesholt

Philips have been doing a lot of social research. How do people live? They look at how to implement current fashions, styles, trends and preferences whilst also taking into account the changing needs of the consumer across the world. Did you know that what a Norwegian customer wants is most definitely not what a Japanese customer wants? Philips do. In fact, they have a whole team of lifestyle researchers who look at exactly what people want and need in their homes. They believe that light enhances life for people at home, making it relaxing, comforting and welcoming. I’d have to say that I agree with that. 
Design is starting to move in a new direction. They are working less with aluminium and more with softer materials and attempting to adapt them to work with LED. Philips define homes as being one of four interior styles: Heritage, Contemporary, Modern and Expressive. Philips focus on the modern when making their conscious selection of process and materials. This consumer will always be the first one to catch on to the idea so they focus on them and then the design trickles down into contemporary homes and so on. These consumers are referred to as the “early adapters”. Most Philips products are designed three years before they are introduced to the market, which explains the passion that the designers have to see their pieces finally on display to the world. I listened to the designers speak so passionately about how they have had to incorporate so many things into their designs now that they are no longer working with a simple lightbulb. Instead of shying away from this, they have taken it on and embraced it with such vugour, meaning that so many amazing products are now coming out of the Philips Luminaire range and they are so proud to show them.

Sandy Spaan demonstrating new materials

Stay tuned for further posts on Antwerp itself. 

It was such a lovely quick trip and I’d like to thank KetchumPleon and Philips for their hospitality.

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