Should we censor social media?

This is a huge debate constantly raging around the world as people desperately try to protect their privacy and others try to network. Where should the line be?

The Economist in the UK currently has a banner campaign going around London tube stations stating facts for and against the idea. I snapped the below pictures at Angel tube station on my way back from drinks with a friend on Monday night.

Both sides have compelling arguments. Twitter can both help and hinder the police for example. I remember during the London riots last August when Twitter was being used to organise the raids which actually meant that police could track where rioters were headed next. However, there is the argument that many claims on Twitter are fake which lead to dire consequences, as in Mexico’s case in the below photo.

I personally think that if somebody chooses to put everything out there about themselves then so be it. I am somebody who obviously does that – but only actually to a certain degree. I don’t often speak about my relationship. I say things that we have done, but not arguments that we have had. I don’t plaster all over my personal networking pages about this either. Why write on someone’s facebook wall when you can text them how much you love and miss them. It’s obviously for showing off for other people to see. I’m not into that. In fact, I wish I could censor it myself! My parents split up two years ago but I never came to my blog to talk about it. Although I thought about it. But the reason that I don’t do these things is to respect the privacy of people that do know me and to prevent the small % of hits I get from people who know me and know them becoming an issue. I think that is where you must draw the line sometimes. You may have a blog but others don’t and so they may not be as comfortable with putting it all out there for all to see.

Where do you stand? Do you let it all out there or do you hold something back and only publish a kind of sugary coated version of yourself?
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2 thoughts on “Should we censor social media?

  1. Really interesting post. I agree that some things should be kept private – thats what DMs are for.But for things like the riots, twitter was so helpful for getting the latest up to date info on what was happening, not for rioting (I didn't see any tweets 'organising riots', just people trying to help each other keep safe.


  2. Unfortunately the social media companies have gotten so huge that when they start censoring things "net neutrality" gets destroyed along with it. The censorship has gotten way, way out of control. As you may have noticed things really hit the fan when the Facebook Censorship Manual was leaked. Gawker published an article about it which was quickly followed by an article in the Guardian about the censorship guidelines. Facebook's censorship is totally out of control. Photos of women breastfeeding and even artwork like Madonna and Child Nursing have been getting deleted. It's ridiculous. It's time the social media were censured for their censorship.


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