Do FitFlops actually work?!

There is 20% off FitFlops this week at Sweaty Betty! Do you think that they are worth an investment?
Does toning up without the effort whilst walking around sound like an easy way out?
What do you all think?
Have you tried them?
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  • If those shoes helped you to stay in shape, I'd wear them all the time. Regardless of the fact that I don't even like flip flops! 🙂

  • This is precisely why I question them! I don't find them very attractive to be honest, so I won't be trading my havaianas in until somebody proves to me that they work!!

  • I'd like to know if they work, too! Although they're a bit of an expensive experiment – don't know if I want to shell out £50+ for shoes that I don't like the look of and may not actually work!

  • exactly my thoughts Leia!! Thanks for visiting the site! x