Lagerfeld’s Luxury Lifestyle

My French teacher will be pleased to know that I have finally found some French reading material: French Vogue online! Today I came across a very interesting quote from Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel:

“Nous n’avons pas de budget imposé et nous faisons ce que nous voulons. D’habitude, l’argent que nous jetons par les fenêtres nous revient par la grande porte. Mon luxe, c’est que dans ma vie, je n’ai pas besoin de penser à l’argent”

(My translation: “We don’t have a set budget and we do whatever we want. Usually, the money that we throw out of the windows comes straight back to us through the main door. My luxury is that in my life, I don’t need to think about money” )

It’s a nice thought isn’t it? Though I guess that it just proves that the luxury brands really are just that: a luxury.

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