Late last year, I embarked upon a new project: To set up a brand spanking new, super-informative health & fitness website with my friend (another Stefanie with an F!). Due to time constraints and my other crazy #girlboss goals, we had to put the project on pause. However, we had attended a couple of events & review opportunities so I have decided to share them here on in order to… View Post

Straight off the plane, in the queue for the car rental desk, Rob turned to me and said, ‘Find me a beach.’ It was 10am, we had just landed in Menorca and we couldn’t check into the hotel until mid-afternoon anyway. I pulled out my phone and quickly located a little cove that was apparently the perfect little hidden spot, away from tourists. Es Cala Blanca was just what we… View Post

Today I really want to talk about something pretty close to my heart – Work Life Balance. I know it’s a bit of a buzzword these days. My inbox is filled with press releases encouraging a work-life balance. Even the ultimate lifestyle company Google’s CFO gave up his 7 day working week to take an early retirement and see his family more often. I am acutely aware of all of my #girlboss Instagram pieces… View Post

It can be pretty easy to not work out while travelling. Once you’ve done all the hard work to get in shape for the beach, it can be easy to undo it all with a few margaritas. Let your hair down by all means, but why not also stay active, stay fit and find different ways to get a work out in whilst on holiday. Here are a few of my top… View Post