This week in my weekly workout diary, Shape up with Stef,  I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Didn’t a wise person once say that you will never get anywhere by being comfortable? Well, this week I pushed myself way out of my comfort zone by hosting a big workshop for my company, All Things Social and I also made an attempt to get back into running after suffering from shin… View Post

It sounds crazy. Impossible even. But in fact, when I cut out alcohol, caffeine, gluten and dairy this summer, I actually found it pretty easy and it freed me from the constant bloating and other symptoms that had plagued my life for the past couple of years. My story with food sensitivities is actually a recent one. I used to have no issues with food. I never really had skin or digestion… View Post

This week in my weekly workout diary, Shape up with Stef,  I am working on finding a great workout routine. Having said that, this video seems to involve a lot of yoga and a little bit of not realising that we are on Week 10 (Oops…). I’d like to establish a pretty good workout routine as the winter months set in, because there is going to be a lot fewer impromptu outings and therefore,… View Post

  Wahey! We’re on week 9 of my weekly workout diary, Shape up with Stef! We’re back on track this week which is awesome. This week, we have my London workout diary as I was in London. Despite being under the weather, I managed two workouts – one at Psycle and one with new app Fitssi for their newly launched #FitssiFriday. Check out the video to see how it went. I absolutely… View Post